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For the most up-to-date firmware files, click HERE.


Grandstream IP Phone Custom Ringtones Generator
The Grandstream Ringtone Generator will let users create ring tone files for all Grandstream IP phones. This tool is now available in Linux and Windows version. Please follow the instructions included in the ZIP file to install and use the application.
Ringtone Generator for Windows Ringtone Generator for Linux
Other Tools
Grandstream IP Discovery Tool  

Configuration Tools

The Grandstream Configuration Tool will let users create the configuration files only for Grandstream IP phones and analog telephone adaptors. This tool is now available in Windows and Linux version. Please follow the instructions below to install and use the application. The tool does not provide other functions like TFTP server as GAPSLITE does.
Windows User
Note for Windows Users: The application runs on Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) 1.1 (which is compatible with 2.0 and 3.0). You can obtain .NET CLR either by using Windows Update, or download offline installation file from Microsoft Download Center.

This program (Version 1.6.2) also contains an API for experience Windows Developers to develop their own provisioning application for Grandstream products.
Configuration Tool Program Configuration Template User Guide
Linux/Unix User
Notes for Linux/Unix Users: Grandstream Configuration Tool is written in JAVA, so Java SDK is required for installation.
Configuration Tool Program Configuration Template User Guide

IP Surveillance Tools

[NEW] GSurf Pro
Grandstream Video Management Software (VMS) is the central management system for Grandstream cameras and encoder/decoders. It provides a one-stop control for devices, video recording and alarm events. Use GSurf_Pro to monitor, search and record up to 36 cameras simultaneously, manage videos locally or remotely via the controlled server with Client/Server architecture. Powerful features, yet easy to use design, make this a total solution package when combined with Grandstream IP surveillance products and 3rd party sensors.

Main Features:
  • Client/Server architecture with e-Map support
  • "Add & Go" Transmit Server allows multi-point viewing same live video
  • Scheduled or Alarm triggered primary video stream recording for different cameras
  • Convert recorded H.264 video to AVI format for convenient video portability
  • Smart Deletion allows user to choose what recorded files to remove when disk full
  • Replay up to 4 recorded local or remote video simultaneously
  • Multi-screen display support with manual switch or automatic patrolling camera viewing
  • Record File Sharing Server allows remote clients to download and replay local server records
» Visit The GSurf Pro Page
» Download GSurf Pro Software v1.0.0.6
» Download GSurf Pro Software Release Notes
» Download GSurf Pro User Manual
» GSurf and GSurf Pro Comparison Chart
Grandstream GS_Search is a program that is used to capture the IP address of Grandstream products.

» Download GS_Search
Grandstream GS_Replay is a program that is used to replay recorded video files.

» Download GS_Replay
Lens Calculator
The lens calculator is a handy tool that helps you to do the following:
  • Calculate the dimension of the scene for a fixed distance and focal length.
  • Calculate the distance to place the camera to capture a specific scene with fixed focal length.
  • Calculate the focal legnth needed to capture a scene with specific dimension and distance.

» Click Here for more info
How To Choose The Right Lens
It is important to choose the correct lens for the GXV3601 IP Camera for the best video quality.

» Click Here for more info
Bandwidth Storage Calculator
Need to know how much bandwidth and storage space your camera recordings use?

» Click Here to use the storage calculator
Supported Browsers
To watch the video stream online using the web configuration interface, users would need to install additional plugins for the web browser. Currently, GXV3501, GXV3504 and GXV3601 only supports video viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

» Click Here for more info
AVI Tool Version 1.0

All the video files recorded using GSurf or GSNVR can be played back using the GSReplay tool on any Windows computer. In case the user wants to be able to convert files to a more popular format like .avi which can be played by any player, then he would have to use the AVI conversion tool provided. This tool will converted any of the H.264 files recorded to an .avi file that can be taken anywhere.

The AVItool only run on windows

Besides from converting the files to a playable format on your PC, there's another option.  You can download a Windows codec package that will include the H.264 file format.  Click Here to download the Windows codec package, system requirements, and full specifications.
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